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They say whatever you hide in a book an African won’t find. It’s partly true, but it isn’t because Africans don’t read.

To read, you must have access to books. And for the many kids growing in rural areas, the only books they interact with are class textbooks.

Class textbooks don’t encourage reading culture because there’s nothing fun about algebra, molarity, or loci. For most students, the textbooks are for assignments— an aid to pass exams, not a world to stay in longer and grow.

The Dream Center will build a library of over 1000 books and extensive electronic resources on different subjects. Stack neatly on marked shelf compartments, the learners will easily navigate between technical, life-skill-oriented books and fun, creative works.


“The Dream Center will build a library of over 10000 books and extensive electronic resources on different subjects.”

Only 57 Public Libraries

Through the Kenya National Library Services, the Kenyan Government has built community libraries in different parts of the county, but many areas remain unreached.

With only 57 public libraries, many Kenyans still do not have access to books. Rural areas are the most lacking. Apart from the libraries being far apart, most literacy programs by NGOs target city slums, not rural areas like Nyakach.  

Increase Literacy Levels

With Dream Centre’s library, we intend to increase literacy levels and improve the learners’ personal and professional consciousness.

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