The Dream Center hopes to create a center where tech dreams are born, nurtured, and realized. The center will have 60 computers, an internet connection, and necessary peripherals to enable the learners to excel in tech fields of their choosing.

The computer lab will also have trained personnel to aid the students during their learning process. We hope to reduce the ratio of trainer to learner to maximize the outcomes of every session.


“The Dream Center hopes to create a center where tech dreams are born, nurtured, and realized.”

The Lounge

The lab will feature a lounge where learners can have group discussions or complete solo projects. The desks and seating plan envision a modern workplace arrangement, giving the learners a glimpse into the real tech world.

Our Learning Model

The Dream Centre Academy will employ ‘Blended Learning’ EXPERIENCE that allows learners to think and experiment for themselves through the course. It is a transformative theory that makes sure learners are ready for the job market. 

Flipped ClassRoom 

Our learning is competency-based. This means that our students learn at their own speed. First, they learn basic concepts.  Once basic is grasped, they put what they have learned into action by tackling practical real-life exercises and activities.

Our technical mentors, mainly volunteers and friends of CMS Africa, guide the learners through  these exercises, activities, projects and assignments. All businesses appreciate real world skills to tackle their real life problems. We at CMS Africa Academy aim to achieve this by creating the industrial linkages required to create spaces for brilliant and innovative youth to create solutions at a whole new level with our content.

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