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The games industry is a big one but remains hidden from the villages where the internet is inaccessible. In different cities of the world, youths have made careers out of video gaming.

But gaming brings more opportunities with it. A pro gamer can run a YouTube channel and create content around games of their choosing. Gamers can then monetize their channels and make money from Ad Sense and sponsorships.

Well, we might be dreaming too big, but imagine a gamer deep in Nyakach village competing against pros from other parts of the world for the immense opportunity in the industry!


Video games can develop other skills, too. For example, they can teach you to never give up, no matter how many times it takes to beat the final boss or reach the next level. The persistence you use in video games shows that hard work will help you achieve your goals, both inside and outside the video game..”

Gaming Path

The Dream Center will have a vast library of both old and trendy games.

We intend to create a path, a career for game developers and engineers, and if the resources we have can’t make them world-class gaming prodigies, we will be glad we planted the seeds that’ll inspire them to seek more than the center can provide.

Apart from making it a career, board games, like scrabble, can be instrumental in building the learners’ vocabulary and tenacity, virtues that can help them in other spheres of life.

Thinking Broadly.

The game room will have various games; from chess to NFS, we aim to find better ways for the youth to engage in their free time.

Thinking broadly, introducing these games into the village also avails the business opportunity for the learners who shall have grasped the business aspect of the games they play at the center.

The conference room will be available for meetings and group training.

It will also be available for leasing within the community, and the money earned goes a long way in sustaining the project.

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