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The Normal Development Route

 Most girls get married earlier while the boys indulge in vices like robbery and drug abuse.

When you come from a place everyone is trying to run away from, you have to work twice as hard to bridge the socio-economic gap.

Nyakach is such a place, kids stay here until they’re done with high school, and then if you’re lucky to have a relative in a city, you can visit and look for opportunities there.

Those who get out are the lucky ones. They’re considered to have jumped the ship of destitution, but in reality, the cost of survival in the city is getting progressively high.

 Exorbitant rent rates, high transport costs, and utility bills make moving to the city an outcry.

Most villagers who move to town are left to scrape off what remains of the city— when the wealthy and affluent have mined their share of good fortune.

Limited to the ghettos of Nairobi, Kisumu, Mombasa, and other major towns, leaving the village without fluency in the tech language makes the kids dependent on casual work for survival in the city.

Life doesn’t get any better for the ones who remain in the village. They don’t have a lot of options.

Due to poverty, most parents don’t take their children through college, which reduces the possibility of ever interacting with a computer.

Thus, most girls get married earlier while the boys indulge in vices like robbery and drug abuse to pass the time or simply find meaning in a desolate world.

As it is, the village kids’ dreams are left at the abilities of their parents. There’s little in their control, and thus, few are motivated to pursue anything better.

But they deserve better!


The Dream Center Route

Think of a programmer working for tech clients remotely in the village.


We figured, if these kids can have a resource center to introduce them to the tech world earlier, they can have a better quality of life.

Think of a programmer working for tech clients remotely in the village where the cost of living is low.

With the introduction to careers like writing, coding, website design, a boy in Nyakach could be working for a US-based tech client and getting paid in dollars without having to move out of the village!

Having adequate resources in the village can curb rural-urban movement and enhance community development

The tech world is awash with opportunities. But the best part is that it empowers individuals to be starters of their own projects, reducing the dependence on employment.

Our Staff

Meet the dream team!
Julie Auma

With over 8 years expericnce in the field of training, (Adult learning), needs analysis, training strategy creation and implementation, Julie serves as our CEO and a tutor. In combination with her over 6 years as a Yoga teacher she incorporates her skills for the holistic benefit of our training participants and team.

Godfrey Oyugi

Our head of Admin, Godfrey Oyugi brings his organizational skills and realiability and the team. He enjoys bringing softwares and websites to life using, Java, Python (Django), React, React Native. He is the point man for the supporting the in and outward facing operations of the Dream centre.

Dominic Otiang'a

Owuor D. Otiang'a is a novelist, UK-law graduate and former columnist for, former literature fellow for Akademie Schloss solitude and the writer of of the novel 'Der deutsche Traum".

Our Faculty

Meet the dream team!

Elseba Kokeyo

Elseba aka Cebbie is an accomplished social media guru. She is a proud Global Peace Ambassador 2021 and Youth Senator,Migori County 2021. She is also the CEO of @virtualtwentyone Founder @ritzynailbar_ke and Managing Director @tukosuperapp_ke She utilizes her wealth of experience, connections and strong work ethic to support the learning needs of our training participants.

Munyala Mwalo

Munyala is an experienced service & innovation designer with a deep interest in behavioral design, Design for Conversational AI and Design advocacy. He is a Founding Partner & Design Lead at Institute of Design & Innovation – Kenya, the Youth and Design Thinking Advisor for USAID - Empowered Youth Program. Being a creative and an amazing listener, he understands the need for behavioral insights, empathy & facilitation of collaborative processes in crafting complex problems and designing sustainable and impactful solutions.

Koneli Ngaira

She is a trained Journalist and Public Relations and Advertising graduate. She has over Seven years garnered experience in Photography, Public Relations and Communications Strategy, Research Analysis, Recruitment and Operations in different organizations that she has been privileged to work with. She has experience in both junior and senior Management.

Shadrack Serem

With a wealth of hands on knowledge in Software Engineering, Java development, Serem is an avid PHP enthusiast, Volunteer at Joomla CMS and Chief Technical Officer at Netrix business systems. A tech based Busines to business firm based in Nairobi Kenya. He brings in relevent and contemporary technical experience and expertise for the benefit of training participants.

Our Board Members

Meet the dream team!

Belinder Odek

Belinder is the founder of BridgeAfrica, an organization that is seeking to promote solution-oriented political discussion in Africa, to address contemporary political, economic and social issues. Belinder has worked with other free market think tanks such as the Language of Liberty Institute (LLI), African Liberty Organization for Development (ALOD), to promote freedom in Africa. Belinda is also the President of the Young Africans For Opportunities, an organization seeking to break barriers to economic prosperity.

Julia Majale

Julia is a skilled digital media professional with over 8 years experience in the industry, digital media, editing, social media, writing and photography. Currently the Managing Editor, Tuko Media Ltd, Kenya's leading digital media company in Kenya and managing a team of over 40 members. Previously spent three years in professional capacity as social media editor, online video editor and online sub-editor at Standard Media Group. Julia is also listed among the Top 25 Women in Digital 2021 by SOMA.

Elsie Birech

Birech is an experienced digital marketing professional with 6+ years of expertise. She has in­depth knowledge of digital media, Content creation, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Community Management and Pay per Click (PPC) advertising programs. She has exceptional analysis skills and the ability to transform business, users and stakeholders through functional/technical requirements as well as helping companies improve thier ROI through powerful digital strategies.

Dan Kwach

With over 10 years experience, Dan is an industry leader and having made it to the Global 2018 Data Centre Solutions Awards for the Individual of the Year Category. Dan Develops and Implements functions related to Africa Data Centre's Facility in Nairobi (EADC). He specializes in

Joram Mwinamo

Joram is a strategy and entrepreneurship consultant, founder and director of SNDBX (pronounced Sandbox) a one-stop-shop support center for SMEs, and the only one of its kind globally. He is also the founder and managing director of Wylde International, an innovative firm that helps entrepreneurs and innovators grow and achieve their ambitions as profitable and/or sustainable enterprises.

Clifford Oluoch

The journey to the streets has seen Cliff teach and mentor students and teachers from prestigious schools such as Strathmore School, The Aga Khan Academy, Oshwal Academy, and most recently, Premier Academy where he heads the Prep School. He is also the founder of Shule Mtaani Learning Programme that takes the classroom to people experiencing homelessness. Shule Mtaani provides basic literacy and numeracy lessons to street boys.